elf02 WP Responsive Images – WordPress Plugin

Responsive image solution using picturefill.js by Scott Jehl. Original idea by Tim Evko.

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Improved and more flexible version: RespImage

New in version 1.3.3

New in version 1.3.2

New in version 1.3.1

New in version 1.3.0

New in version 1.2.2

New in version 1.2.1

How It Works

The plugin extends each posted image with a data-responsive attribute. A “the_content” filter replaced such an image with the picturefill.js markup. After deactivating the plugin or removing the data-responsive attribute, all images should appear as normal.


To regenerate older images after setting your breakpoints, you can use the plugin Regenerate Thumbnails. Be careful and make first a backup of your images. For me, it works fine.

GitHub, Download